Thursday, July 9, 2009


Monday morning started out with "potty training bootcamp". This is something that Wyatt and I have been talking about for the last week and a half or so. So, every 20 minutes the timer would be reset and we took about a million trips to the bathroom. He did pretty darn good for the first day, and didn't have an accident until the end of the day when they all kinda snowballed.
Tuesday, we started all over again and, to say the least, it was not going well.
After his nap, he was on the couch halfway watching a movie and mostly horsing around on the couch. Since we were potty training, I was letting him just wear undies & a t-shirt and watch movies. There are only so many kiddie movies a person can watch, so I was doing other things in the room...and BAM. I heard a very loud SPLAT, spun around, Wyatt was flat on his tummy. From what I can gather he was most likely jumping off of the arm rest onto the couch and went the other way. Well, he started crying very hard, and that was a sign that he was actually hurt. He has a very high tolerance to pain and very rarely cries when I think he probably should. And, it wasn't just the initial scared cry. He cried off and on for the next hour, which was throwing up the red flags all over the place. So, I called his dr. office to see if they had capabilities to do an x-ray, they didn't. We would have been sent to the hospital for x-ray's, and since it was getting late, they suggested that I take him to Urgent Care. So, after calling to find out what our insurance covers and to make sure that they were in-network, we were on our way.
Ryan was making his way there from DT, but since he takes the Max, it's a slow go. My parents met me there, and thankfully they weren't very busy at the Urgent Care. Ryan made it before we saw the doctor.
Wyatt let the doctor (actually a P.A.) poke and prod him without wincing, leading the dr. to believe that he didn't have any broken bones. The doc did not, however, lift his arm or go to pick him up under his armpit. And I kept telling him that that was when he was in pain. I could tell that he didn't really want to do x-rays but he said he would if we wanted him to. We decided that since we were already there, and paid our co-pay, we might as well have the x-rays done.
The x-rays revealed a broken clavical bone. They call it a greenstick break, which means that it did not need to be set, thank God. We were sent home with a belt contraption that is designed to keep his shoulders back.
My poor baby has just not been himself. And he's been getting progressively worse as the days go on. Today, he refused to get out of bed by himself. He just laid there and waited for me to help him sit up and get out of his bed. He pretty much lounged on the couch all day, and if he would slide down off the pillow on the couch he'd call me over to lift him back up. After his nap, he called for me to come into his bedroom. There he was, laying flat on his back, waiting for me to come help him up.
Anyone that knows Wyatt, knows that this is not even close to normal...not even a speck.
Also, today, he's been practically dragging his arm around and it's drooping like he had a stroke. We're praying that he's feeling like his old spunky self soon.

There was a silver lining to our day. My good friend Jackie brought Luke (and Nat) over, bearing lots of fun activities and snacks that can all be done (and eaten) from the couch. Wyatt perked up for that, and played with Luke and his new toys. It was such a nice thing for my lethargic boy, what a blessing. I wish I would have taken a picture of how pathetic he looked this morning so I could have had a before and after. But he was so excited to see them that I had to take a couple of pictures.

In the pictures, I can still see how stiff he is and the droopiness in his arm...can you?

Thanks to everyone that has been praying for him and please continue to pray for a speedy recovery.

Needless to say, potty training has been indefinitely placed on hold....really not looking forward to starting that up again!

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Kelly said...

Poor guy! I'm so glad you listened to your mommy-instinct and had the x-ray done. How long does he have to wear that thing?
Praying for you!