Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Polyvore Fun! **Edited**

Jackie did a post this morning about Polyvore. Its a website that lets you pick different pieces and plan out an outfit. She likened it to playing Barbies as a girl. Well I never was a Barbie girl, but I love clothes. (even though being a stay at home mom has put a total cramp on my "style") **Let me just clarify that I love being a stay at home mom, but Ryan and I are no longer D.I.N.K.'s anymore, (Double Income No Kids) and the funds just simply are not there to go shopping every weekend anymore! **
So, I took a few min and put together the following outfit. I had so much fun, not worrying about what it would look like "on", or the $$$ factor.

So, I added up the total of what this outfit would cost when I was all done. $4119.00.
That tank top is $1790.00 by itself.
I think that even if I was a millionaire, I would have a really hard time paying THIS for any outfit. But, isn't it adorable?
And, it took me away from reality, even if it was only for a few minutes.


Yankee Wife said...

So fun! I can totally picture you in this outfit. VERY CHIC. Maybe someday you could buy this outfit after I pay you all the money I owe you from the wonderful pictures you take of my kids. But that means I would have to win the lottery first. Minor detail.

April said...

Great taste, Em!! We would be a dangerous shopping duo! Ha, ha!!
Happy Momma's Day!!