Friday, January 16, 2009

A Christmas Story (Better Late Than Never) *Edited*

*apparently I had the picture captions in webdings, the funny thing is that I could read the captions on my crazy computer.

Our Christmas was pretty different this year. I felt like I wasn't prepared for it like I usually am. Most of that was because of my leg. Some of it was because of the weather, well maybe all of it was weather-related since the weather caused my leg accident in the first place. Anyhow, we spent Christmas Eve at my cousin's house. It's a tradition to get together with my side of the family for Christmas Eve and boy was it a treacherous drive. I still think about that drive as I am on the road that we took quite often. Something had happened to the Tahoe and it wasn't holding water. Incidentally the heater wasn't working and it didn't have water to cool the car. Hence, the Tahoe was un-drive-able. The Subaru does ok in the weather too, but it's AWD instead of 4WD which means you have to start slipping for it to kick in. Fun. It's also a lower profile vehicle so it does much worse in the foot deep ruts that we had going on.
So we made it, I managed to hobble up the driveway and they plopped me right down in front of all the hoursdevours, oh dear. We had a good night and another rousing gift exchange to end the evening.
Christmas morning we got up and I made breakfast and we waited for my mom, dad brother and grandma to trek through the snow to get to our house. When they arrived safe and sound, but road weary, we were able to start the festivities.
So we ate breakfast, I made overnight blueberry french toast and my parent's brought ham and my mom's homemade Christmas Stollen (YUMMY) .
We were all spoiled with lots of great gifts. When we were almost done, Ryan got a phone call that his dad had crashed his truck on the way to get his Grandma M. Ryan's mom told us not to come because it was too dangerous. It was snowing at the time, and cars were getting stuck trying to get up the hill to the highway anyway. He had to stay with his truck because it was sticking out in the road. AAA said that since he was less than 10 miles from his house it's not considered an emergency because he could walk home. 10 MILES? Are you kidding me? The man has Asthma. His car is sticking out in the road people. Sheesh. The police wouldn't send anyone, and his car was making a weird rattle so he couldn't keep it running. Hence, no heat. What a nightmare.
Well, since we weren't going anywhere anytime soon, I told my family that they could stay, wait out the snow, and hang out for awhile and relax. We turned on "It's a wonderful life", napped, looked at gifts and just generally relaxed. It was kind of nice to not be on the run, as usual on Christmas.
A couple of hours made all the difference, people were no longer getting stuck on the hill and traffic seemed to be moving much better. A Family Picture. The flash didn't go off, it was a really dark picture.

"Great Great Great Grandma 'Ford" - Wyatt and Great Grandma LaFord reading the
book I made for her.

Still reading!

My lumberjack husband (posing as a CAD drafter by day)

Uncle Nate kept going outside and throwing snowballs at the window. Wyatt
just loved that.
Playing with a fun gift from Gramma and Papa. Mommy and daddy like it too. It alters your voice.
Roughhousing with Uncle Nate
Gramma and Papa and the "project" that Wyatt and I did. Handprint
ornaments that to this day aren't finished yet because I couldn't get out
of the house to buy the stuff to finish before Christmas)
Naptime after the morning festivities

My family left in the late afternoon and Ryan and I decided to surprise his family and go to their house and spend the night in their trailer.
After a 5 and a half hour wait in his truck, Ryan's dad was finally picked up by a tow truck and we got there minutes after he got home. They were sure surprised too! Ryan's brother and girlfriend, Jared and Christi, came back and we were able to have a nice evening together on Christmas night. Not exactly as planned, but it was a wonderful evening all the same.
Christmas gift from Babu and Papa that Wyatt ended up being terrified of (that's a whole post in itself)
It got returned and replaced with a much less scary toy.

Babu and Wyatt opening the handprint ornament
Ryan's sister, Lisa

OOOH...Hot Wheels
The next morning, coloring with Uncle J.T.

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